TLSE Engineering has a diverse portfolio with projects in the residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, and specialty structures sectors.

Single Family Residential Projects

Complex family homes need to be able to take the shape and character a resident desires. TLSE Engineering meticulously designs such structures to ensure their personal nature and peace of mind for residents.

Multi-Unit Mixed-Use Projects

No project is too small or too big for Thomas Leung Structural Engineering. We have been designing mixed-used structures since our founding. We pride ourselves as leaders in the residential sector and for our ability to ensure the incorporation of commercial and community space. Our spectacular attention to detail, and extensive knowledge and experience in the field has led to TLSE Engineering being a part of award winning residential and mixed-use projects!

Industrial Projects

TLSE Engineering has the experience and efficiency that are demanded of for industrial complexes. The ability to offer pre-engineered solutions and comprehensive project coordination ensures such projects are done right.

International Projects

TLSE Engineering’s experience has enabled it to have a global reach! Projects from all parts of the world expect the best, and when they do they choose TLSE Engineering.

Ongoing Projects

Here at TLSE Engineering we are always busy and ready to take on more! Check out some of the projects we are currently working on.


Residental Service

Commercial Service