Multi-Mixed Unit Projects

No project is too small or too big for Thomas Leung Structural Engineering. We have been designing mixed-used structures since our founding. We pride ourselves as leaders in the residential sector and for our ability to ensure the incorporation of commercial and community space. Our spectacular attention to detail, and extensive knowledge and experience in the field has led to TLSE Engineering being a part of award winning residential and mixed-use projects!


128 units 3 stories apartment, Garden City Road/Jones Road, Richmond

110 units, Marlborough House, Coquitlam.

100 units, Kennedy, Coquitlam.

47 units, Sugarpine Crescent, Coquitlam
190 units, 1420 Parkway Blvd., Coquitlam, Raymond Letkeman Architect

56 units, 17917-68th Ave., Surrey, John Hollyfield Architects

98 units, 12778-66th Ave., Surrey, Architect Formwerks Architect

115 units, 5900 Ferry Road, Ladner, Raymond Letkeman Architect

90 units, Cypress & W.5th Ave., Vancouver, Nigel Baldwin Architect

78 units, 3030 E. Kent St., Vancouver, Rositch Hemphill Architect

112 units 2 stories townhouse, 8775 – 161st Street, Surrey, Formwerks Architect

144 units adult oriented townhouse, 15500 Rosemary Heights Crescent, Surrey, Ramsay Worden Architects Ltd

39 units, 12th & Maple, Vancouver, Graham Crockart Architect

60 units, 4th & Trutch, Vancouver, Nigel Baldwin Architectw

1486 Johnson St., Coquitlam (Deercest Estates), Nigel Baldwin Architect

83 units, 7037-7073 Edmonds, St., Burnaby, Hewitt Tan Kwasnicky Architect

60 units, 11347-11457-236th St., Maple Ridge, Hewitt Tan Kwasnicky Architect

16 units, 1630 Grant St., Vancouver, Stuart Howard Architects

73 units, 9088 Jones Road, Richmond, Rositch Hemphill & Associates

82 units,15 Forest Parkway, Port Moody, Burrowes Huggins Architect

63 units, 50 Panoram Place, Port Moody Burrowes Huggins Architects

144 units, 331-371 E. 1st St., N. Vancouver, Ledingham McAllister Properties Ltd., Graham Crockart Architect

2238 Kingsway, Vancouver, Graham Crockart Architects

4989 Duchess St., Vancouver Great West Development Ltd., Graham Crockart Architects
126 units 4 stories apartment/townhouse complex, 7091 Blundell Road, Richmond. Raymond Ching Architect
80 units, 4th & Stevens, Vancouver. Molnar Capital.

88 units apartment, Rae Street, Vancouver. Roger Romses Architect

75 units 4 stories apartment/commercial complex, 2nd Avenue Mission

17 units 4 stories apartment, 2577 Willow Avenue, Vancouver Suzan Wong Architect.

100 units 3 stories apartment, Michaud Gardens Phase I,II,III, 201A Street/Michaud Crescent, Langley Roger Romses Architect.

88 units Townhouse, Richmond Mews, 22000 Sharpe Avenue, Richmond, B.C. Rositch, Hemphill & Associates

42 units apartment, 6251 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Great West Development; Rositch, Hemphill & Associates

13 units 4 stories apartment, Westhill Court New Westminster. Po-Wah Ng Architect

89 units 2 and 3 stories townhouse, 11020 Williams Road, Richmond, Rositch Hemphill & Associates

42 units, 150 W. 2nd Street, North Vancouver

40 units, 6935 – 122nd Street, Surrey

23 units townshouse, 8606 – 168th Street, Surrey Gomberoff Bell Lyon Architects

163 units, 9333 Alberta Rd, Richmond, Rositch Hemphill & Associates

101 units 3 stories townhouse, 6388 Alder Street, Richmond, Raymond Letkeman Architect Inc

Rowhouses, 876-888 W. 15th Avenue, & 830 W. 15th Avenue, Vancouver, Formwerks Architectural Inc.

Hereunder are some of our projects